Ms. Katie Holmes Needs A New Lover

Everyone is aware that Katie Holmes and Mr. Cruise got a divorce due to his loony Scientology ways, but there is something that some people doesn’t know is that Holmes is quickly getting her groove back by joining WealthyMen. She is a Hollywood star and is use to hanging out with dudes that are rich by nature. There is no other spot to chat with dudes that are wealthy and can take care of the recently single Ms. Katie. There are some that might think Ms. Katie Holmes is moving fast in meeting new men, but she had worked out this divorce for awhile now. It was told she owned a pre-paid phone that a close friend got for her so that she can talk with attorneys without Mr. Cruise knowing about it.

The divorce was wrapped up easily due to the Scientologist church do not want the lime light on their religion. Of course they didn’t desire any additional attention as they want to remain being this bizarre religion. By the way, Cruise has choose his new partner and Ms. Katie will move forward with her search through WealthyMen. Many people are happy for her to be out there dating and talking with men who she will experience a great marriage with. Don’t be in shock if you witness a good looking brunette who goes by the name of Katie on the WEALTHY MEN.