“Scary Movie 5″ Actress Ashley Tisdale Looks Old & Odd In Photo

Ashley Tisdale usually doesn’t look a day over 18 years old, but in this photo she is looking truly aged and a bit odd. Tisdale is 26 years old, but she had always appeared to look extremely young. Has all of her photos been photo shopped and we are finally seeing the real her? If so, she needs to quickly do something about how old she is truly looking. Make sure to follow the use to be youthful actress @ashleytisdale on Twitter and read about Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Amazing In Grey Sweat Suit.

“The Hunger Games” Actor Josh Hutcherson Sports Pink Helmet

Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games actor, decided to take his motorcycle out for a spin in Beverly Hills, California; which isn’t an odd thing or anything, but what is making his cruising around town a bit odd is that he was wearing a pink helmet the entire time. This definitely gave a few people some laughs, but Hutcherson looked serious with it on. Maybe the guy likes pinks. Follow Hutcherson @jhutch1992 to get all the latest scoop on what he has going on.