“Scary Movie 5″ Actress Ashley Tisdale Looks Old & Odd In Photo

Ashley Tisdale usually doesn’t look a day over 18 years old, but in this photo she is looking truly aged and a bit odd. Tisdale is 26 years old, but she had always appeared to look extremely young. Has all of her photos been photo shopped and we are finally seeing the real her? If so, she needs to quickly do something about how old she is truly looking. Make sure to follow the use to be youthful actress @ashleytisdale on Twitter and read about Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Amazing In Grey Sweat Suit.

“The Hunger Games” Actor Josh Hutcherson Sports Pink Helmet

Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games actor, decided to take his motorcycle out for a spin in Beverly Hills, California; which isn’t an odd thing or anything, but what is making his cruising around town a bit odd is that he was wearing a pink helmet the entire time. This definitely gave a few people some laughs, but Hutcherson looked serious with it on. Maybe the guy likes pinks. Follow Hutcherson @jhutch1992 to get all the latest scoop on what he has going on.

Jonas Brothers Get Together For Night Out

The Jonas Brothers all decided to head out of their New York City hotel to enjoy a nice night out. Kevin Jonas even brought along his wife Danielle Deleasa to join in the fun. Kevin and Danielle’s television show hasn’t really done well at all and the fate of the show is in the fan’s hands. No word if the show will be renewed for a second season. For more information check out the Jonas Brothers Official Website which has all the latest information about the band.

Disney Star Hannah Montana Trims Her Hair

Tonight country singer Miley Cyrus made the decision that she would trim her hair cut. Crazy followers in the US met the decision with anger. The update dashed through the Twitter community as Ms. Miley Cyrus put up the photos of her totally new hair cut. Celeb big timer hairstylist Chris McMillan worked the deed of styling her hair to medium length. All the while he kept Miley Cyrus’ small town perception. Fans everywhere guessed her plans for her wedding with Mr. Hemsworth taking in account her new hairstyle. Either way both Billy Ray Cyrus and her husband to be sincerely loved her changed haircut. The image is via @MileyCyrus.

Soon To Be Married Miley Cyrus Shaves Her Head Of Hair

Miley Cyrus decided to stun the social media community when she downloaded a new gallery of pictures of herself with her hair cut off. Ms. Cyrus had Hollywood hair cutter Chris McMillan shave all of her medium length hair completely off and she enjoys every bit of attention coming her way. Cyrus tries her best to not be the wholesome little girl that a lot of fans see her as. Tons of fans are definitely hoping that she plans on wearing extensions for her upcoming nuptials though, because that haircut is a bit weird. Miley Cyrus’ future husband has to be definitely in love with her because that hair cut is not normal. The image is courtesy of Twitter.

Body Of Rodney Found At His Home

Over the weekend a human body was discovered in a backyard private pool in California and that dead body was of Mr. King. It’s reported broadcast that Mr. King passed away from drowning. King is acknowledged by residents to take twilight skinny dipping as they can the noises of him going for a swim.

His soon to be wife is the female who located his dead body and called the police. The detective looking into the case has told press that he was only in the backyard pool for about three to four minutes just before he drowned. No illegal drugs or liquor was identify at the location, but isn’t ruled out. King is known for being the black dude who was savagely battered by four white law enforcement officials in LA, Cali which caused the most detrimental racial turmoil the country has ever had.


Lindsay Lohan Clashes Car During Filming LIZ & DICK

LiLo yet again gets in trouble, but it is really not that big of deal and she will not be going to a judge for this mistake. Many of you might be aware of Ms. Lindsay Lohan is featuring as the deceased Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick flick. The insurance company brought on by the film makers made it clear that they do not desire to have LiLo operating their car. But of course, Ms. Lohan drove the rental car and smashed into a 18 wheeler. At this moment, the rental company have not break off their agreement but the film makers now have voiced their decision and will not allow LiLo to operate one of their cars anymore during filming. Do you feel that Lohan even cares?

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